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best boiler brands for boiler installations 2021

Top Four Boiler Brands in the UK

So, you have decided to get a new boiler installed in your home, but which boiler brand should you choose? Do you know which boiler brand is worth your investment? Do you know which will [..]


Nobody likes to spend a fortune on things that we take for granted. Having hot water running from a tap in our home, whenever we want to, was considered a real luxury not many decades [..]

install a boiler

Where is the best place to install a boiler?

Relocation or brand new installation, the question is: where? Boilers are a complex household appliance, which means finding the perfect spot for yours can be tricky. If you’re unsure where to put your new one, [..]

Can I install a boiler myself

Can I install a boiler myself?

The simple answer, no. There are many DIY-friendly facets around the house, but boilers simply aren’t one of them. The do-it-yourself approach is popular for a number of reasons; it’s seen to save money and [..]