Customer Story- Boiler Installation, CV37

boiler installation Worcester

We had a customer call up a few days ago asking about a broken boiler in Alveston, CV37. They had been living in a Victorian townhouse and had been conflicted about which boiler they should get. Their boiler was on the ground floor and they had three shower and 12 radiators. They were wondering whether to replace their boiler with a combi boiler and if this would be powerful enough to run all of their showers and radiators. They thought that you would not have been able to have a powershower with a combi boiler. They were also curious about the brands of boilers.

On the phone, I assured them that a powershower should work when using a combi boiler. It is the mains pressure that determines the pressure, so as long as there was enough hot water, the pressure would be high. With a combi boiler, there would be enough hot water, therefore if their mains supply is strong enough, then the showers would have excellent water pressure. 

For the installation, we booked the time most convenient for them – March 22nd – to install their Glow-worm LPG Combi boiler. The boiler was small enough to fit into a cupboard in their kitchen. I filled them in on the other benefits of combi boilers – like how they would likely save money on their bills in the future and the fact that it makes little to no noise.

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