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Customer story – Boiler Installation, Birmingham – B98

boiler installation Worcester

On March 15, we got a call about a customer wanting a new boiler. Their current one was a traditional conventional boiler and they wanted an upgrade. On the phone, we discussed the various options that they could go for. Our first suggestion is always the combi boiler – the most efficient and compact. They are also incredibly efficient when it comes to how much energy they use. This means they help to reduce the customer’s electricity bills. We agreed on when they wanted their boiler installation – because there was no emergency, we booked for the most convenient time for them, Friday the 19th March.

On the day, the team set out with the new boiler for the installation. The lengthy part of the task was removing the old elements of the conventional boiler – both heat exchangers and the storage tank. Unfortunately, this took longer than expected. However, I assured them that this process was worth it – their new combi boiler would work much more efficiently. 

After the old boiler parts were removed, we installed the combi quickly – its compact parts make installation fast. They were happy with the extra space in the loft that the absence of water tanks provided!