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Top Four Boiler Brands in the UK

So, you have decided to get a new boiler installed in your home, but which boiler brand should you choose? Do you know which boiler brand is worth your investment? Do you know which will give you the best warranty period on your new boiler?

These are the most common questions asked by homeowners who want to buy a new boiler in Birmingham. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will tell you the top four boiler brands in the UK market.

Before we list brand names, let us tell you some of the factors that we considered for making the top four lists.

  • The reputation of the brand in the market
  • Types of boiler models available
  • Warranty period
  • Reviews and ratings of the customers
  • Accolades and awards received by the brand

These five factors helped us get the top four boiler brands in the UK market that are worth your investment.

Viessmann Boilers

Thanks to German engineering and sleek designs, Viessmann Boilers have been making a great name in the UK market. They have become one of the most respected boiler brands in the country. They are recognized for their high-quality boilers that are reliable and long-lasting.

The brand has a wide range of boilers that are suitable for small, mid-size to larger homes. The models offered by this brand use stainless steel exchangers instead of aluminium exchangers. They also provide a warranty of up to 10 years.

They have received excellent reviews and ratings from customers and professional installers alike. These reviews mostly mention the high performance and efficiency that is key to any boiler. They have also received a ‘Which? Best Buy Award’ for 7 boiler models they offer. These features make Viessmann boilers a great choice for your home. 

Worcester Bosch Boilers

The most renowned name in the UK market, Worcester Bosch is one of the most popular boiler brands in the country. They are known in the market for being reliable and high-quality boiler manufacturers. They have a complete range of the system, regular and combi boilers, so you can choose based on your needs and requirements. 

Worcester Bosch has won innumerable accolades. They have been awarded ‘Which? Best Buy’ award for 10 years consecutively. This shows the dedication of the brand in manufacturing high-quality boilers for homeowners in the country. 

They also provide a warranty of 10 years and have received the best ratings and reviews from the customers. The authorized installers of this brand are highly supportive and friendly. So, you can choose Worcester Bosch boilers without giving a second thought. 

Alpha Boilers

Looking for a budget boiler brand for buying a new boiler in Swindon? Well, you can certainly choose Alpha Boilers. This the third most popular brand in the country, making it possible for customers to buy boilers on a budget. 

Now, if you think that just because this brand offers budget boilers, they might not have the best technology then you are mistaken! Alpha Boilers have the latest technology that will give you high-performance and efficiency. The brand also gives up to 10 years of warranty on all their models. Although they haven’t won ‘Which? Best Buy’ award, they are still considered as one of the best budget brands in the market. 

Valliant Boilers

Another popular boiler brand that deserves a seat amongst the top four, Valliant boilers has made a name in the UK market. This is another award-winning boiler brand that offers a wide range of boilers for small, medium and large homes all over the country. 

The Valliant boilers are made using the latest technology to give high-performance heating to your home. This claim is backed by a 10-year warranty on all models and excellent ratings and reviews from the customers. They have also won a few ‘Which? Best Buy’ awards in the past years. Valliant boilers are certainly a great choice. 

Although you will find numerous other brands of boilers on the market too, these are our top four picks. And, you can get in touch with us at Boiler Choice to make the right decision. We have made it easier for our customers to choose the type and brand of boiler for their home. This is due to our simple questionnaire. Just enter your credentials and we will provide you with a range of boilers for you to choose from. We also provide efficient new boiler installation Birmingham services.

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