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All About Gloucester

Gloucester Key Info

Just like any other old English town, Gloucester has a rich history. Starting from the Roman and Saxon establishments, to when William the Conqueror came to Gloucester in 1805, this town has always been at the centre. And, since the middle ages, the town has been a hub for major industries such as those making wool and leather.

The market kept flourishing and large industrial establishments were made. This also gave a chance for Gloucester boiler installation businesses like us to establish their roots and start providing services to residential and commercial properties. So, when in Gloucester, don’t forget to check out the business opportunities.

Top Places to Visit

Gloucester is not only a commercial town but has a lot of exciting, historical places to visit. So, whether you are in the town for business or pleasure, don’t forget to check out the following sites:

  1. Jet Age Museum: If you are someone who is a huge fan of fighter and jet planes from the past and present, you must visit the Jet Age Museum. This museum has the goal of celebrating the aviation industry and innovation in Gloucester. (Address: Meteor Business Park Cheltenham Road East Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester GL2 9QL England)
  2. Gloucester Cathedral: If you are a Harry Potter movie fan, you must visit the Gloucester Cathedral. Parts of the movie were filmed in this cathedral so it would make for an exciting visit. Also, if you are in the plumbing business, checking out the complicated pipework of this cathedral will be beneficial. (Address: 12 College Green, Gloucester GL1 2LX England)
  3. Gloucester Docks: Learn how this town became an inland port and the history behind its intricate system of canals. The docks have a deep and interesting historical background. Take a stroll at the docks with your family on a quiet evening. (Address: Southgate St, Gloucester GL1 2EH England)
  4. Kingsholm Stadium: Visit the stadium and enjoy a rugby match with your friends or family. The stadium has an amazing view of the action, but there are also plenty of refreshments, bars, and restaurants in the area. (Address: Kingsholm Road, Gloucester GL1 3AX England)

However, there is a lot more to Gloucester than these four places. The town is filled with magnificent historical attractions and places of leisure. You will get to learn so much on a personal and professional level.

Top Websites for Plumbing and Gloucester Boiler Specialists:

As a business, you need to have great supplier contacts in Gloucester. Only then you can move ahead of your competitors. These suppliers have always fulfilled our expectations. We hope they will work out for you too!


Supplies: Heating, drainage, plumbing, and spare parts

Address: Unit 7, Central Trading Estate, Gloucester, GB, GL2 5HA

City Plumbing

Supplies: Plumbing, Electrical components, bathroom fittings, and spare parts

Address: Unit 2 Woodrow Way Gloucester GL2 5DX

These supplier contacts will certainly help you in Gloucester when setting up your business. We hope that this information about this historic town will help you. It surely helped us!

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