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How To Fix Ideal Boiler F2 Fault Code

Have you noticed the F2 Fault Code flashing up on your Ideal Boiler? If so, we will guide you through every process, including what F2 means, what is causing the problem and steps involved in

Ideal Logic Max 24 Review

If you are looking for a boiler that is dependable, efficient, compact and produces minimal NOx emissions then the Ideal Logic Max 24 is the one for you. Its modest size, lightweight, and compact design

Glow Worm Energy 25c Review

Is your current boiler in need of an upgrade? Think its best days are perhaps behind it? Then keep reading! The Glow Worm Energy 25c boiler may be the best choice if you live in

Glow Worm Energy 30c Review

Looking for a new boiler? If your search is for both an affordable and reliable model, then the Glow Worm Energy 30c might just be the perfect engine for your home. A 30kw boiler, such

Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 825 Review

One of Europe’s oldest, most-established heating companies, Vaillant is something of an “old master” when it comes to the world of boilers. Just because they’re an old company, though, doesn’t mean that they’re stuck in

Boiler Not Registered With Gas Safe

The Gas Safety Register was created to protect the public from unqualified engineers performing dangerous gas work. If your engineer or plumber is Gas Safe registered, you can rest assured that they are qualified to

How Much Gas Does A Boiler Use?

If you have had a spike in your energy bills, or you are considering other options from a gas boiler, then one of the main things you will need to know as a homeowner is

Can You Sell Your House With A Broken Boiler?

Yes, you can sell your house with a broken boiler. There’s no legal requirement that stipulates that working heat is needed within a property before it can be sold. However, there are numerous reasons why

Boiler Warranty – A Complete Guide

Before buying a new boiler, you should find out if it has a manufacturer’s warranty. Most boiler manufacturers provide at least a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Most boiler installation companies like us at Boiler Choice