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Customer story, DY10 Boiler Installation

A customer in Kidderminster, DY10 called up about an issue with their boiler. They informed us about the specific problems they were having. Their shower was often cold and their water pressure was gradually getting [..]

Customer story – Boiler Installation, B98

On March 15, we got a call about a customer wanting a new boiler. Their current one was a traditional conventional boiler and they wanted an upgrade. On the phone, we discussed the various options [..]

best boiler brands for boiler installations 2021

Top Four Boiler Brands in the UK

So, you have decided to get a new boiler installed in your home, but which boiler brand should you choose? Do you know which boiler brand is worth your investment? Do you know which will [..]

gloucester boiler installation

All About Gloucester

Gloucester Key Info Just like any other old English town, Gloucester has a rich history. Starting from the Roman and Saxon establishments, to when William the Conqueror came to Gloucester in 1805, this town has [..]

Bromsgrove: everything you need to know

Boiler Choice – Bromsgrove Key Info Bromsgrove Key Info The town of Bromsgrove has always been a centre of commercial and industrial development. It was initially known for its woollen trade which further developed into [..]