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Boiler Installation in Worcester

Boilers need to be accessible and easy to install. These are two qualities that underpin all of Boiler Choice’s work. We want to provide our customers in Worcester with a simple and affordable boiler service. We ask questions and do our best to find a boiler that works for you and your home. All you have to do is answer and we’ll be around before you know it to install the perfect heating system. We have always been determined to provide the number one boiler installation Worcester has to offer. To view our extensive range,  click here.

Henry Hill
Henry Hill
I've just had a new combi installed by Eddie and Co. Couldn't be more happy wit the end result. They were quick, clean and importantly, new what they were doing!
Leo Burns
Leo Burns
New combi boiler fitted. Thanks BC
hales hales
hales hales
If you are looking for someone to do your boiler installation, I highly recommend Boiler Choice! Worth the price!
David Future
David Future
promptly arranged for a new system replacement. The team fitted the new boiler installation and it works great. Highly recommended. Thanks!
Daniel James
Daniel James
We had a great experience with this company. They were excellent in communicating and promptly arranged for a new system replacement. The team fitted the new boiler installation and it works great. Highly recommended. Thanks!
Kimber Watson
Kimber Watson
Thank you Boiler Choice! Now I have my boiler properly installed.
Abby Read
Abby Read
I am impressed with the staff. They know everything about how you can have the best boiler for your home. I am very satisfied with the service!
Lynda Smith
Lynda Smith
They came prepared to complete the installation in one visit and make sure that everything was working properly. Great service!
Phoenix Larson
Phoenix Larson
I am impressed by the detail and quality of the installation. I'll recommend Boiler Choice to my family and friends.
Lara Brooks
Lara Brooks
If you're looking for someone to fit a new boiler, Boiler Choice is the best in the area. They just fitted our new boiler a couple of days ago and they are reguallry checking with us if the boiler is running smoothly...
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How to get your new Worcester boiler installation

Gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’ boilers. Homes now come in all shapes and sizes, which means boilers are required to do different things from house to house. In the past, a boiler installation would usually only consider the type of boiler – gas, oil or electric – and the size. We believe boiler choices must consider more than this

On top of practicality, you should be able to choose a boiler you know you can depend on for years to come – one that ticks all of the boxes for you and your family, guaranteed to never let you down. To find your perfect boiler choice, we need to find out all of the necessary information. At Boiler Choice, it’s our goal to gather as much insight as we can to help you choose the most suitable boiler for your home. 

We find out: what boiler you’d like; where you want the boiler in your home; the type of house you live in; how many people live in your house and the specific style you’re after. With this insight we recommend the most accurate boiler options. You can then confidently choose a boiler, knowing that it’s been expertly-selected and handpicked for your home. It’s as simple as this:


Our questionnaire take no longer than two minutes. We’re not salesy and we don’t want to waste your time. These questions, and your answers tell us exactly what boiler you need.


based on your answers, you can view our selection of carefully handpicked boiler choices. Compare quotes and the best prices – a simple and effective system.


Now you’ve made your choice, you’re ready to book an installation date that works for you. We’ll send out one of our highly-experienced expert engineers to fit yours.

Our Boilers

We provide an extensive range of boilers for all of our customers in Worcester and beyond. Of course, we only recommend boilers that match your needs. But our selection considers every boiler option out there – so you know you’re never missing out. We install all boiler types and all of the most sought after brands. These include, Vaillant, Glow-worm boilers, Ideal boilers and more. We offer a diverse range of warranties, and affordable to the most expensive boilers available. To view our collection of boilers, click here.

Your boiler - your choice

If you’re looking for a simple and efficient boiler installation from the best Worcester boilers, look no further than Boiler Choice. We select the best boilers from an extensive collection. Through a quick and easy questionnaire, we narrow down your boiler choice. You can choose a boiler that works for you and rest assured it’s guaranteed to last for years to come. Find Your Perfect Boiler Today

Repairs and Services

Although we focus on boiler installations and replacements, it is still our priority to make sure that we look after our customers for the longterm future as well. This is why we suggest looking at Elgar heating and plumbing services as your plumbers in worcester. They will be able to carry out any boiler servicing or repairs you require and they hold the highest standards on all work they carry out

Find your Perfect Boiler Today

Compare boiler options from the most respected manufacturers, fully fitted and working on a date and time to suit you.

Simple Questions - No Salesmen

It takes less than 2 minutes to answer a few quick & simple questions about your home and current system, eliminating the need for a home survey or visit.

View Boiler Options & Prices

Based on your answers, view a selection of boiler options from a number of leading boiler manufacturers. Compare quotes and best prices - instantly, no delays.

Book your Installation Date

Select an installation time and date to suit you. Your boiler will be installed by our highly experienced and trusted, Gas Safe Registered engineers.

We are here to help you

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