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Boiler Installation – Case study Worcester WR5

An elderly couple living in Worcester called us the other day when their boiler was not providing adequate heat in all the rooms. Matt, the husband, told me their boiler had consistently provided them good service for nearly 17 years with minimal repairs until recently. Matt also mentioned he would not mind having a new, modern boiler since their current one could be approaching its limit. I told Matt we would stop by his property for a proper assessment. 

Jamie and I set off to Kempsey WR5 and within an hour we had arrived at Matt’s house. We had a look at their Baxi boiler and figured while it had lasted the couple for a long time due to good maintenance and service, the boiler would be too expensive to maintain. Matt’s house had 10 radiators therefore the most optimal boiler for their property would be an Ideal Logic 30+. For the installation, we started by fitting an Airing Cupboard for the water tank and the couple opted for the new boiler to be fitted inside the cupboard. We also fitted a new gas carcass and the flue was positioned to an outside wall. With that done, we ran a test to ensure the heating system was working correctly and all radiators were distributing enough heat. The entire installation took 6 hours to complete and Matt was satisfied with our service.