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Boiler Installation Cost Birmingham

If you are suddenly requiring a boiler installation or replacement, then you may feel slightly overwhelmed by varying prices. Some may feel worryingly cheap, whilst others may be mindboggolingly expensive.

We will run over the variety of prices offered for installations in Birmingham, what you need to watch out for so you don’t go for the right installer and also what you can do to get the best possible package to suit your needs. We should firstly point out that new boiler costs in Birmingham are going to vary based on some common factors:

How much is a standalone boiler in Birmingham?

Before we breakdown how certain factors will impact the price of an installation, a ballpark figure for a standalone (so without any gas safe installation) boiler in Birmingham will be anywhere as low as £500 all the way up to £2500.

  • £500-850 for a cheap model 
  • £850-1200 for a midrange model
  • £1200-2000 for a premium model 
  • £550-900 for a cheap model 
  • £850-1200 for a midrange model
  • £1200-2200 for a premium model 
  • This is all dependent on size and quantity.
  • £450-2300

How much is a boiler installation in Birmingham?

Combi boiler installation cost:

A new combi boiler installation is going to vary anywhere between £1300-3500. This will depend on the type of boiler which you can see in the standalone pricing above, the complexity of the install, the experience of the company installing your boiler and what added extras come with the installation. We suggest being slightly wary of anything below £1300. Very cheap combi boiler installers in Birmingham likely won’t offer any warranty, might not have the experience or be gas safe registered and might do a quick job, which could leave you with breakdown problems later down the line.

Regular and system Boiler installation cost:

Regular and system boiler installations in Birmingham vary between £1300 all the way up to £3000 (without the hot water cylinder being taken into consideration). Just as with combis the price will be impacted by the type of boiler, the complexity of the installation (such as if you need to move the boiler or change the type of fuel), if you have additional controls and if you need certain valves or pumps installed.    Hot water cylinder installation price: As regular and system boilers have a hot water cylinder this will also increase the price. If you require an installation of a hot water cylinder this will start at roughly £200-350 if you have bought the hot water cylinder. If you need all the parts required it will be around £500-650.

Why you shouldn't always go for the cheapest boiler:

We should also mention that although we install boilers for all types of budgets, getting a budget boiler will likely mean that energy costs are going to be higher due to their low efficiency and you will also have an increased chance of repairs being required. If you then choose a cheaper installer who offers little to no warranty, you might be stuck in a position of paying for a new boiler installation within the space of a few years.

Cost of moving your boiler in Birmimgham:

This will slightly vary on labour costs. A cheap engineer in Birmingham will move your boiler for around £200-300. This price will likely increase if you want to go for a more trusted and experienced engineer, it will roughly cost £300-500. The price will also increase if you have certain elements needing to be installed or paperwork carried out. For example in Birmingham:  

  • Boiler flues can be £100-150 
  • Flue pipes can cost £45 per one metre 
  • Pipework can cost £250 – 700 


Hopefully this has given you a full rundown of boiler prices in Birmignham. If you need a boiler installation or replacement, then head over to our boiler quote software. This will give you are exact prices for the boiler that suits your requirements best.

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