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Boiler installation – Customer in B33, Birmingham

A couple in living in the B33 area (Birmingham), got in contact with us the other day after they noticed a few issues with their Vaillant boiler.

They were telling me that a few weeks ago they were surprised to spot a leak in their boiler. Steve, the husband, said that It seemed odd considering the boiler had just been serviced. They managed to find us online, as they were looking for an alternative to their current engineer. After explaining the situation over the phone, we informed the couple this was something we should take a look at, and we would send one of our engineers round as soon as possible. We also urged the couple to turn off the heating system as further leaking could short circuit the wires.

As promised, Jamie (one of our engineers) arrived at the apartment approximately 45 minutes later and upon assessment, he discovered the pump seal had been broken. This was a result of poor installation. When other issues were discovered in the boiler, the best option was to replace it, as it was over ten years old and installing a new boiler would have been more cost-effective than finding parts to repair it. 

Yesterday Jamie went over to install a Vaillant Eco Tec plus 430 yesterday, which was just under 48hrs from when they got in touch. The eco tec plus 430 was the perfect boiler based on their requirements and property. Steve was very pleased with our service, so we imagine he will rely on us for any other boiler issues he has in the future.