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Boiler parts replacement in Swindon (Gorse Hill, SN1)

Having moved his family to their new house in Swindon, (Gorse Hill, SN1) Adam contacted me the other day when they were only receiving lukewarm water from the showers and faucets. I asked him if there were any other symptoms he had noticed of which he mentioned their 9 year old Ideal – Logic MAX 30 24Kw combination boiler would only deliver hot water when the heating was turned on. Adam expressed that the boiler was costing him a fair bit and most importantly, his wife and 2 young daughters were being left in the cold, so the issue needed to be resolved promptly. I assured him we would have an engineer drop by his house to attend to him. I sent out Jamie, one of our Gas Registered engineers and despite the Swindon traffic, he got to Adam’s home in the space of a few hours form when Adam called. He quickly discovered the hot water thermistor was broken.

The diverter valve had also become faulty with age. After explaining that an boiler installation was not actually required to get their heating back to normal, Jamie went to get some parts and was back after 30 minutes. He replaced the thermistor and diverter valve then did another sweep of the boiler just to ensure there were no more issues. I gave Adam a call that afternoon just to check everything went well, and he told me he found our service responsive and was glad we kept him in the loop of things.