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CUSTOMER STORY, Birmingham Boiler Replacement – (B14 DRUIDS HEATH)

Last Thursday, a customer with a large family that had recently moved into their home in the B14 Druids Heath area Birmingham called us explaining they were having some issues with their boiler. Rick said their boiler was working well for the most part although some radiators were not producing enough heat.

Their main concern however was the energy bills which were unusually high. They requested us to assess their boiler to find out if there was anything that could be done. 

I set off for their home in Birmingham which was a forty-minute drive. Unfortunately, one of our tires had been playing up so we had to get it swapped on the way, but we only arrived 30 minutes later than expected. 

We got to work with the current boiler and detected there had been a history of leaking. Upon further probing, we came across some parts that had corroded beyond repair. The boiler had been in service for 8 years before the family moved in and the only option was installing a new one, otherwise, the efficiency would not improve significantly. Also, the repairs would likely be endless and the savings from the bills would go into repairs. 

We explained to Rick the situation and gave him a quote of which he obliged. 

For this house, a 35kw would be the best option to service the 15 radiators therefore we settled on installing a Glow-Worm 35C combi boiler. The boiler is highly efficient with an efficiency rating of 89.20%. We installed a rear flue in the kitchen as this was the most viable option. 

We also bled the radiators in the rooms that were not receiving sufficient heat and they started functioning properly again. 

We completed everything within 6 hours and left assured that Rick would see a decrease in his energy bills and every room would receive adequate heat.

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