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Customer story, Boiler installation Bishopton, CV37

This shows a before and after of a boiler installation. On Monday, we had a customer call up from Bishopton, CV37. They were having issues with their boiler and called us up to see if we knew what the problem was. They had an Ideal 30 heat-only which was falling to heat up the hot water in their showers and radiators. We decided that due to the boiler’s age and the extremity of their problem, that a new boiler was needed. We discussed on the phone the different types of boiler we work with, to find the perfect one for their budget and house size. We decided on a Worcester Bosch RI 30. 

When we got to their house the next day, I could tell that this boiler was definitely in need of replacing. We installed the new Worcester Bosch in a couple of hours. Their new boiler was fitted with a filter system that stops any black iron from going into the heat exchanger. This adds extra protection to the boiler and so it’s likely to need fewer services and there’s less chance of a minor boiler breakdown.