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Customer Story – Boiler Installation, CV37

boiler installation Worcester

We received a call from a customer the other day about an issue with their boiler. When this happens, it’s important that we get all the details so we know whether they need a boiler repair or a full installation. In this case, they were experiencing very unreliable hot water – the majority of the time it was cold. I asked whether there were any unusual noises coming from the boiler. They said that there were bumping and whistling noises coming from the boiler. I knew that this meant that there was kettling. 

With kettling, sometimes a repair will suffice, but other times the boiler is in need of a full replacement. In this customer’s case, the noises had been going on for a while and the cold water situation was getting worse and worse. Their boiler was old – they had never had it replaced and they have lived in their home for over 20 years. I still wanted to visit the property to check out the boiler, but I had a feeling that it needed to be replaced. 

I turned up to their home in Clopton, CV37 the next day to assess the boiler. The boiler looked very run down and was making loud noises as they said on the phone. We then discussed what type of boiler they wanted – I ran them through their options. They informed me that they didn’t have a huge budget. We offered them the Glow Worm 25C. The installation went smoothly – it took 4 hours in total.