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Customer story – boiler installation in Hereford, HR1

On Monday, we had a new customer call up wanting a boiler installation in the Centre of Hereford, HR1. They had had their boiler for over 10 years but it was starting to break down. On the phone call, they informed me that their boiler was failing to heat up their showers for long and their radiators were not working at all. I asked if they had been servicing their boilers, but they had not. It is most likely that this was the reason for their boiler breaking down after 10 years.

When one of our engineers got to the property, they removed the old Vaillant boiler and began installing the new one, which was a Worcester Bosch combination boiler. The whole process took around 5 hours as we had to change the old central heating system, which had a few complications but nothing our engineer couldn’t sort out. Their new boiler is much more efficient at providing enough hot water for the whole family. The new, condensing technology means less energy is wasted and therefore they will hopefully save a fair bit of money on their energy bills in the future.