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Customer story, DY10 Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation Worcester

A customer in Kidderminster, DY10 called up about an issue with their boiler. They informed us about the specific problems they were having. Their shower was often cold and their water pressure was gradually getting less powerful. When this happens, we need to know all the details around what is going on so that we can get enough information to see if their boiler is in need of a repair. Or, if they need an installation. 

On the phone, they told me that they had had this boiler for 15 years. In terms of the usual age of boilers, this is on the long side. Because their problems were getting worse, I suggested a boiler replacement. We went to survey their boiler and their home on the 30th March to decide what sort of boiler would be best for their house. 

They were curious about the different types of boilers that we work with and how much each of these would cost. We offered them a range of different boilers for them to chose from. Because they had a large family, we suggested a Glow Worm boiler. They are renowned for being reliable. We removed their old conventional boiler and had their new one installed in the same place. The whole process only took a couple of days to complete from their initial call.