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Nobody likes to spend a fortune on things that we take for granted. Having hot water running from a tap in our home, whenever we want to, was considered a real luxury not many decades ago. We have to be aware that boilers don’t last forever so the time to replace it will come, often when it’s least expected.

13 signs you might need to install a new boiler

1. You cannot get hot water

This is an easy one. No hot water or heat translates that something is wrong with your boiler. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to order a new one straight away but a costly repair and some stressful days will surely cause some unrest.

2. Boiler keeps switching off

If your boiler switches itself off frequently it is because it has some bad news for you. Often, faulty pumps or thermostats are common and expensive explanations for this issue. It will be up to you whether it is worth replacing the parts or investing in a new replacement altogether.

3. Frequent repairs

When the boiler lets you down at an increasing rate, demands regular attention and money it might be time to say your farewell. A professional boiler installer can advise you what the best decision would be. If you live in the West Midlands, such as Worcester, Gloucester, Birmingham , Cheltenham etc. you can get in touch with us to have this chat.

4. Weird noises

The constant hum you can hear when a boiler is turned on shouldn’t alarm you as this is normal. Fear the knocking, banging and whistling sounds as these are usually the symptom of a problem with the heating pump, thermostat or a broken valve. Another usual problem is known as kettling which will create rumbling or gurgling noises. In this case, limescale and sludge has accumulated around the heat exchanger killing your boiler slowly.

5. Leaks

A water leak prevents a boiler from working properly and it could lead to loss of pressure, corrosion and important damage around the unit and pipes. A gas leak is a serious hazard that has to be addressed immediately by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

6. Suspicious smell

A boiler that works properly doesn’t give off any odour so if you notice a bad smell coming from it you need to act fast. The reason for it might “just” be a burnt out component. But it could also be a very dangerous carbon monoxide leak if the smell is subtle and odd. Again, this will need quick attention from a professional boiler engineer.

7. Yellow flame

A healthy blue flame is what you want to see. A yellow flame is usually another sign of a boiler leaking poisonous carbon monoxide. Headache, dizziness and nausea can be caused by it, including death… so best to get this sorted ASAP!

8. The pilot light goes off

Although a pilot light might be off for several minor reasons it sometimes indicates that your boiler holds an expensive repair. Maybe it is time to think about getting a brand new heating system.

9. Unstable water temperature

If hot water keeps being interrupted by short periods of cold water when you are running the tap for a while something is not right. Your boiler can be repairable but in some circumstances it might be not worth it.

10. Loss of pressure

When a boiler is frequently losing its pressure it is not able to function properly so it needs to be assessed by an expert. It can be explained by a water leak, air escaping through a valve or just regular wear and tear.

11. Cold radiators

If your radiators takes ages to heat up and you have already tried to bleed or flush them, then your boiler is no longer capable of doing the job. This problem has not an easy solution so installing a new unit is a real possibility here.

12. High energy bills

Poor design, bad maintenance and age have a negative effect on a boilers efficiency. This translates in expending more money on gas and electricity than necessary. Getting a brand new A-rated ErP boiler will bring your energy bills down.

13. Age

If your boiler is more than 10 years old you must be aware of the necessity of installing a new one sooner than later. Even if it has been serviced annually, an aged boiler suffers from the usual wear and tear needing more attention and money. Modern boilers will always be more efficient than older ones making them cheaper to run too. Also, replacement parts normally discontinue after a decade making your boiler no longer repairable.

Time for a new boiler!

When you start experiencing issues as the ones described you should seriously consider a boiler upgrade. It will be an important investment but it will end up saving you money in the long run. To help you choose a new boiler take our quick questionnaire here to see the perfect one for you.