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New Boiler Installation Gloucester/Cheltenham – Case study

Having had his previous boiler decommissioned, this customer filled out his questionnaire last Friday and we gave him a call back to get a better understanding of his situation. He was requesting some advice on the best boiler for his new property in between Cheltenham and Gloucester (in the GL3 Area). He mentioned the boiler had been decommissioned following a lot of damage and before his new tenants moved in he needed to get one installed. 

From the information he had provided on the questionnaire, we figured a 35kw Combi Boiler would be ideal but we would get a proper understanding once we had looked at the property on-site. 

We got to Gloucester in about forty-five minutes and looking at the property’s flues, vents and radiators, a 35Kw combi boiler would indeed be the best. We settled on a Worcester 8000 life 35kw combi boiler which is an A-rated boiler with the capability to serve the 15 radiators effectively. The installation took 5 hours and once complete, we tested out the setup to ensure there were no leaks or mishaps. We ran over everything from the boiler itself to the thermostat and pumps. He was impressed that he had wireless heating controls enabled by the Bosch EasyControl App. While he would not need the heating at full capacity immediately, we told him that he could contact us during the cold season in case of anything.