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BoilerChoice- Standard Boilers

Standard Boilers: What are they?

Standard Boilers – also known as conventional boilers – are a great option for older homes that have enough space. These boilers are also a great option if your house prefers low water pressure. Unlike other boilers, Standard Boilers require a water tank and hot water storage tank. This allows it to work with low water pressure and provide a large volume of water to multiple taps in your home. Since they need two separate storage tanks for water, they take up a lot of space. Hence, if you have a bigger home, this boiler is right for you.

Standard Boilers: How do they work?

Standard Boilers take the cold water from the tank and heat it in the hot water storage tanks. You can find two types of Standard Boilers: sealed and open vented. The major difference between these types of Standard Boilers is their exposure to the outer atmosphere.
Sealed Standard Boilers are not exposed to the atmosphere. Moreover, they don’t have an expansion and feed tank. Open vented Standard Boilers on the other hand, are exposed to the atmosphere resulting in evaporation of water. Hence, they have a feed and expansion tank.
The water level is maintained by the water tank and the circulation of hot water takes place with a pump.

Benefits of Standard Boilers

Standard Boilers might not be the first choice of boilers for customers, but they have got great benefits that cater to specific needs:

  • A high volume of water

    Standard Boilers are known to provide a high volume of water as compared to other boiler types. The main reason for this is because they have a water tank that always maintains the water level. This also makes them a great option for larger families as you will have enough water for everyone to use.

  • Easy installation

    Standard Boilers are known for being a great option in those homes that have a traditional heating system. This makes it easy to install as you will not need many changes to the existing system.

  • Water pressure

    As mentioned above, Standard Boilers are an excellent option for homes that have low water pressure. Even then you will be able to get hot water with adequate pressure.

  • Eco-friendly

    Yes, Standard Boilers are eco-friendly because they are compatible with alternate energy sources such as solar thermal energy. This also makes them energy and cost-efficient. You can also reduce your carbon emissions.

How can we help you choose the right Standard Boilers?

At BoilerChoice, we offer expert consultation for our customers. This means the confusing decision of which boiler is best is lot easier and our customers can make an informed purchase. To know your Standard Boiler options, you need to answer an easy questionnaire created by our professional team. According to your answers, our team will give you the Standard Boiler options that suit your needs. Once you have compared each option based on their features and price, you can book your appointment with us for a quick and efficient installation service. Our team of certified and trained boiler engineers will ensure that they are punctual and install the Standard Boiler efficiently. So, get in touch with our team at BoilerChoice right away!

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