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BoilerChoice- System Boilers

System Boilers: What are they?

System boilers have a hot water cylinder instead of a water tank. They can provide hot water in multiple taps at the same time. This is highly beneficial if you live in a big household where many people need hot water simultaneously. With easy installation and cost efficiency, system boilers are an excellent choice.

System Boilers: How do they work?

System boilers have in-built components – the pump and expansion vessel. Their hot water cylinder heats the water and supplies it directly to the radiators.
This allows you to get heat in your home immediately, ensuring optimum warmth and comfort. Since they don’t have a water tank; they are a great choice for homes that want to carry out a loft conversion.

Benefits of System Boilers

System boilers are also preferred choice by homeowners, especially by those who want to upgrade their old boiler system. Some of their benefits include:

  • Multiple faucets

    System boilers are known to give hot water to multiple faucets and taps in the house at the same time. This makes them a great choice over other boiler types as hot water is always available.

  • Compact size

    System boilers don’t need a water tank and have in-built components. This gives it a compact size, making it a good option for homes with less space.

  • Excellent flow rates

    Since these boilers take water directly from the mains, they can provide excellent flow rates at all taps and faucets at the same time.

  • Energy and cost-efficient

    System boilers are also energy and cost-efficient. Since they are also eco-friendly, you can use alternative energy sources such as solar thermal energy which greatly reduces your costs.

How can we help you choose the right system boiler?

With so many options for system boilers on the market, choosing the right one becomes confusing. At BoilerChoice, we make the process of choosing the right system boiler fast and easy. 
Our quick questionnaire allows us to understand your system boiler needs. According to that, we will tell you the system boiler options that are perfect for your needs and budget.
You can compare the different options and then can book your installation date with us at BoilerChoice. We install boilers from reputed and trusted manufactorers like Valliant, or Glow-Worm boilers.
Our team of experts will arrive at your location at your decided time to avoid any disruption to your routine. We will install the system boiler efficiently right away.
Head over to our website to check out the complete range of system boilers from these brands!

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